Tool Magazine BT30
Direct Drive Spindle BT30
Machine on the back
CTS Spindle Motor
CTS Filtration with Water Tank
Chip conveyor with cart
Oil mist collector
Oil Cooler
The 4th Axis
Damaged cutting tool sensor

New Products AD600

  • Spindle speed STD. BT30 60~10000rpm
    OPT. BT30 12000rpm
    BT30 15000rpm
    BT30 20000rpm
    BT30 24000rpm
  • Spindle motor M70V-B 5.5/3.7*2kw
    0iMD 5.5/3.7*2kw
  • Rapid traverse X/Y/Z 48/48/48 m/min
  • X axes travel 600mm
  • Y axes travel 500(250*2)mm
  • Z axes travel 350mm
  • Magazine capacity 20*2
  • ATC time (T-T) 2.0sec
  • Table size 700*530mm